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Evergreen Notes

These are my thoughts. Heavily inspired and stolen from many smart people.

The ideas right now center around well-being, meaning, decision-making and parts of my personal philosophy.

Evergreen notes take the form of a web so there are no folders—only connections between ideas. There are many notes, but no particular order or structure.

And go here for the Books that I have gotten many of these ideas from

These are based on the concept of evergreen notes by Andy Matuschak and this website is generated using Obsidian and Gatsby-Garden.

Latest Notes

I'm not going to change someone else's mind, but I can plant a seed

Humans are especially close-minded when others actively try to change our beliefs. It's useless and counter-productive to "try to change…

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Created on 9th December, 2022

take my own advice first

When I give others advice that I haven't taken myself, I realize I have almost no idea whether it actually works. That seems messed up. Of…

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Created on 6th December, 2022

Focus my time and energy on what I want to see more of

I want to take more responsibility for my problems. I'm uncomfortable with the extent to which I've externalized my problems: It's easy for…

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Created on 6th December, 2022

Growth for growth's sake doesn't work

TLDR: It's easy for me to do things because I feel like I should. But then I have no basis deciding what's worth doing. I now try to keep a…

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Created on 14th November, 2022

Higher commitment groups are more attractive

TLDR: The world's future leaders are looking for intense, collaborative, connected, like-minded teams and projects to join. They are not…

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Created on 10th June, 2022

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