Your greatest writing asset is you

Much of the joy of reading is the same feeling as discussing a common problem with a friend. It's comforting to find out how similar we are in our struggles, desires, and interests.

It's not your differences themselves that are attractive and relatable to others, but just the fact that you have and show them. Your unique qualities and individuality is what makes you like everyone else. It seems like a disproportionate number of your close friends are weird and wild, but really most people are this way and just don't show it to strangers. When you allow yourself to show up in your writing, you are saying "I'm a regular—weird, confused, exploring, struggling—person just like you."

You can relate with others only because you're you, so you won't be able to do it if you keep pretending you're writing from some impartial perspective.

Your tiny personal problems and realizations aren't of any cosmic significance, but they are helpful and interesting to people because they are deeply relatable. These tiny insignificant situations are the only thing that life is made of. An individual perspective is the only one we can relate to.


Your individuality and unique qualities is what makes you like everyone else and therefore relatable. Readers relate to the author's connection and excitement about a topic more than the subject itself.


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