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These are my thoughts. Heavily inspired and stolen from many smart people. The ideas right now center around well-being, meaning, decision…

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Created on 9th May, 2021

On Writing Well

The Book in 3 Sentences Write simply and concisely to write well. Write about what excites and interests you, and forget about impressing…

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Created on 20th April, 2021

Only what happens now happens later

Sometimes tomorrow means tomorrow, but most of the time it means never. Sometimes I hope that I'll be fully present at a later time when…

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Created on 28th March, 2021

Presence is a better proxy than happiness for meaningful moments

The most meaningful experiences of people's lives are not necessarily the happiest or most pleasurable. People don't often tell stories…

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Created on 16th March, 2021

Seek Discomfort

This really means seek short-term discomfort. This often leads to a much easier life and improved well-being. You should undervalue short…

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Created on 14th March, 2021

Technology Gives Individuals Infinite Leverage

Media and code allow individuals to create amazing tools and content with no cost of reduplication. If you have truly created something…

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Created on 10th March, 2021

The Existential Vacuum and Nothingbutness

We are losing the traditions, religions, and obvious mystery in our world that used to tell us what to do and show us our place, but now we…

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Created on 24th February, 2021

The outside view is usually more accurate than the inside view

How much easier is it for you to solve your friend's relationship problems than your own? Obviously your friend needs to break up with her…

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Created on 14th March, 2021

The real downside is often tiny

We are extremely risk-averse, especially in modern society when we are so protected and stable. But things like fear-setting or defining the…

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Created on 12th March, 2021

There is always something left to attach meaning to

Your decisions are all you control. Even if everything else is taken from you, you still get to decide whether you will suffer your pain…

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Created on 12th March, 2021

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