More info isn't the answer

Some of us (and probably you if you're reading this) are a little too obsessed with collecting knowledge. It seems like if we knew more we could be more effective and happier. Through the internet we have access to nearly all of the world's information instantly, so why aren't we all "billionaires with six-pack abs"?

I love reading, and really do feel like the things I learn improve my life, but even if I could memorize 50 books of my choice completely in an hour, I think I'd act basically exactly the same. These new lessons would only matter to the extent that I apply them to my life. This only happens when I'm acting instead of learning.

It's not access to information that's going to change your life. You know how to eat healthier, that you should exercise more, that you should prioritize your friends and family more. We just don't. Action matter more than knowledge. Are you going to make it a habit to change your life based on what you learn, or endlessly learn everything you can so that you can feel good about yourself without making real change?

Specific Knowledge is more valuable than general knowledge


We already know how to make positive changes in our lives yet we don't. Learning and reading are helpful, but only to the extent that this knowledge informs and encourages action.


Derek Sivers

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