Future people are disenfranchised

Future people have no vote, no voice, and we rarely take their needs into account. None of these people decided to be born into a world with nuclear bombs, engineered pandemics, a degrading climate or factory farming. They don't have any say in how they are governed.

We often overvalue the near-term and neglect the desires and well-being of future people just because they will live in a different time than us.

For everyone person living in extreme poverty at no fault of their own, there are many times more in the future who will be born into it.

But Future people may be the easiest to help.


The Precipice

I came to realize that the risks to humanity’s future are just as real and just as urgent—yet even more neglected. And that the people of the future may be even more powerless to protect themselves from the risks we impose than the dispossessed of our own time.