Freedom from self = Freedom from suffering

Still thinking here but freedom from sense of self seems so deeply valuable to well-being, meaning and peace

According to Buddhism, if you are suffering, you are identifying with emotion. It's the false belief that you are a single, unchanging self that allows suffering to be possible. But it's clear that There is no single self.

When we let go of and forget our egos there is little room to suffer. We touch these kinds of experiences daily: Reading a book, watching a movie, painting, feeling in love, playing music, playing sports, a great conversation, putting your full effort and attention into things, meditating, and anything that gets us into a flow state or feeling present and focused. These are all the best things in life and all the things that make you "lose yourself".

There is almost no room for suffering here (Presence is a better proxy than happiness for meaningful moments). When have you suffered while completely enthralled in a person, movie, or book?

Temporarily losing our sense of self is intensely peaceful and maybe the highest form of a good moment. If I could choose to spend the rest of my life in any mental state, I think that a sort of flow state might be it. The state that resembles a childlike infatuation and non-judgment with everything around you. You are completely present, acting fully, and yet almost selfless.


If you are suffering you are identifying with emotion. The best moments are the ones where we "lose ourselves" to some activity. This is really a reconnecting with your awareness and the way that you always are. A deeper awareness sitting under our narrow misled view of ourselves as a single self.

The more you can realize that you don't even know what "I" is, the easier it is to let go of struggle and suffering.

Who am I? Who is asking "who am I?"


Wherever you go there you are

"The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and sense in which he has attained liberation from the self" - Einstein