Everything was made up by someone no smarter than you

Ties dude. People wrap a long piece of fabric around their neck which somehow signals class, status and formal wear. We do a stupid thing that looks stupid just because other people used to do it. And it works because it's so stupid and annoying that only a person with a lot of time and money would be willing to put on a stupid tie.

Not everything is this dumb, but there's really an infinite number of ways we could have constructed our societies, and while this one is pretty good, there are parts of it that we don't look at closely enough. We assume things are the way they are for a good reason.

This is a good assumption, and usually true. But sometimes things are stupid. If you think you have a better idea, or that everyone is overlooking some stupid norm because it's normal, you should try to change it. You are just as smart as whatever idiot came up with ties.

And those adults aren't really adults in the same way that no matter how old you are you don't feel like you're one. At best you faked it, or maybe even fooled yourself into thinking you're an adult. But mostly we're a bunch of grown up children winging it. There are no adults.


Things usually are they way they are for a good reason, but we don't realize it when they're not. Remember that everything about our society was designed or discovered by just another random hairless ape.


I think I originally got this idea from Richard Feynman

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

The number one thing clouding us from being able to see reality is we have preconceived notions of the way it should be.