imaginary obstacles

Although it is nice to imagine that our goals and meaning are derived in some absolute way (and maybe we should strive for them to be) they don't have to be absolute to feel meaningful to us. When we play sports or video games we create imaginary obstacles for ourselves just to be frustrated by them and then overcome them.

These imaginary obstacles help us feel motivated and get us into the flow state by challenging us just the right amount according to The Goldilocks Principle

Modern humans depend on imaginary obstacles.

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Imaginary obstacles help motivate us, and it feels exciting to overcome any of them (video games). But to make progress that maters we need to find meaningful obstacles. What are the struggles in your life and this world that are worth overcoming?


Can we find the real obstacles? are they exactly What matters morally

Are imaginary obstacles worth overcoming??


The Almanack of Naval Ravikant success is internal and has very little to do with external circumstances. One has to do the external thing anyway. We’re biologically hard-wired.

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